Our company cares about 60cc engines for Race Karts.

For many years we’ve worked and made several tests with these engines on-track and on the dyno test bench, to develop and improve performances.

All this thanks to several upgrades, meticulous selection of special materials, advanced specialization and precise care for details.

We chose and select best products and materials, work on a top preparation in order to make our engines more efficient.

High performance preparation is always done while respecting limits allowed by the actual regulation of the engines’ country of destination.

Our target is our customer’s satisfaction, that’s why we’re always available to help our clients with carburetion and make sure that our engines work at best.

We guarantee reliability, professionalism and always top performance.

ORLANDO R.K. ENGINES cares about its image and is committed to ensure to all customers, engines that develop the maximum performance RESPECTING the limits granted by the regulation.
In order to protect our professionalism, ORLANDO R.K. ENGINES is responsible for the engines in case of technical verification in official races, only if the same engines were checked and measured by the same ORLANDO R.K. ENGINES at least one day before the event/race or even the same day of the event. This is in order to avoid tampering or alteration of parameters we adjust.
We are always at your disposal.

La “ORLANDO R.K. ENGINES” ci tiene alla propria immagine e si impegna per assicurare a tutti i clienti, motori che sviluppano il massimo delle prestazioni RISPETTANDO i limiti concessi dal regolamento, per questo e per tutelare la nostra professionalità, la ORLANDO R.K. ENGINES si ritiene responsabile dei motori in caso di verifica tecnica in gare ufficiali, solo se gli stessi motori sono stati controllati e misurati dalla stessa ORLANDO R.K. ENGINES almeno un giorno prima della manifestazione/gara o la giornata stessa dell’evento. Questo per evitare manomissioni o alterazioni dei parametri da noi regolati.
Restiamo sempre a Vostra disposizione.


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